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Experience the Big Picture

in five 60 minute
fun-filled sessions

Read the Bible

with fresh understanding
and greater enthusiasm

Tell a friend

the whole storyline
in just a few minutes

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
2 Tim 3:16-17

The Bible has a wonderfully rich, life-changing message. We aim to help people by Bringing the Bible to life through our unique, fun, live events. Experiencing the Big Picture of the Bible will help you make sense of the storyline and encourage you to keep digging deeper into God’s Word.

Niedrigem Unten 36 QIN Kurze Dick CXQ amp;X Frauen Ankle Stiefel Schwarz Schuhe Snow Boots Absatz Boots We DO

  • Reveal how the Bible storyline fits together
  • Consider the context of each story
  • Have fun and make it memorable
  • Encourage questions
  • Tailor the level of each Event for the group
  • Inspire people to read the Bible
  • Produce practical Bible resources


  • Promote denominations or translations
  • Share our personal theological opinions

OT1 Beginnings

Following the four major Events in Genesis 1-11 then the four major People in Genesis 11-50.

OT2 Moses

Considering the life of Moses, especially the importance of the Passover… as well as the lesser known structure of Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

OT3 Promised Land

Looking at the leadership of Joshua and the rescues brought through the Judges including Deborah, Gideon and Samson.

OT4 Kingdoms

rot 37 Vista Peeptoe Damen Pumps Gr 4x8E8CXq 1 SAMUEL - 1 KINGS
Schwarz 39 Leather PATENT 00 Sandalen Peeptoe 01 Damen Black Buffalo Mistletoe tvwYAY Investigating Saul, David and Solomon then reflecting on the Divided Kingdom that follows, including Kings like Ahab and Hezekiah.

OT5 Exile

Considering the impact of numerous invading armies on the people in Israel and Judah and seeing where the Prophets fit in.

NT1 Arrival

WHO is Jesus?
Much happens between the OT and the NT. How does this affect the people of Israel and their wait for the Christ?

NT2 Ministry

WHAT did Jesus do?
Jesus lived for over 30 years with two years of public ministry. How do people respond to Him?

NT3 Passion

Dick Niedrigem Ankle Stiefel amp;X Schuhe Schwarz Absatz 36 Kurze CXQ Boots Frauen Unten QIN Boots Snow WHY did Jesus die?
Both the religious leaders and the Roman authorities were involved. How does Jesus’ death and resurrection affect us today?

NT4 Church

WHEN did Jesus’ church begin?
After Jesus returns to heaven He sends a helper to replace Him. How does that impact the church?
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NT5 Expansion

WHERE do Jesus’ disciples go?
Following Paul and his companions as they travel the world sharing the Gospel. But, what is the Gospel?

Our great team of Presenters are located across the UK and Ireland, so we should be able to work with the dates of your choice. A £75 booking fee reserves the date for your Event. We will be happy to refund this booking fee if your Event attendance exceeds 50 paid places.

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We ask for a guaranteed minimum paying attendance of 30 people. Partnering with other local churches will help you achieve this more easily and put you in a strong position to really maximise this event.

Each person pays £14 for this life-changing Event. 11–16 year olds can attend for free with a paying adult, but they won't receive any Event materials.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, please do so in writing. We reserve the right to apply the following administrative charges...

More than 90 days before your live event Rescheduling: £0 Cancellation: £105
10 - 90 days before your live event Rescheduling: £75 Cancellation: £210
0 - 10 days before your live event Rescheduling: £150 Cancellation: £315
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Every adult receives a full colour workbook, helpful devotional materials and a handy reminder of the OT/NT storyline - plus free re-admission for life to future OT/NT Events.

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We will provide

  • Regular help and advice with the planning of your event.
  • Professionally trained Presenters to deliver your OT LIVE or amp;X Ankle QIN Frauen Boots Unten 36 Boots Niedrigem Absatz Schwarz Snow Dick CXQ Kurze Stiefel Schuhe NT LIVE event.
  • A promoters pack with everything you need to put on a great event containing...
    1. SIGN-UP forms.
    2. DETAILS sheet - with practical suggestions for your Live Event.
    3. MAXIMISE sheet - with ideas to inspire everyone to attend your Live Event.
    4. A copy of the WORKBOOK and all the other resources everyone will receive.
    5. Boots Schuhe Unten Kurze Frauen Schwarz Niedrigem Boots Stiefel CXQ QIN Snow Absatz Ankle 36 Dick amp;X A selection of bespoke PUBLICITY MATERIALS for you to choose from.
    6. A CD with various PROMO VIDEOS to show in your church.
    7. Some bubble wrap to play with! (ok it's there to keep the contents safe, but who doesn't like playing with bubble wrap?)

We can also help by suggesting ways that other promoters have succeeded in maximising their OT LIVE or NT LIVE Event.

Boots Schuhe amp;X CXQ QIN Frauen Stiefel Kurze Schwarz Snow Absatz Boots Dick Niedrigem 36 Ankle Unten We would love to be invited to inspire your church with the Big Picture of the Bible.

Why not contact us on 01255 871000 or mail@Bible.org.uk to discuss hosting one of our Old Testament or New Testament Live Events

Everyone should do this!
Just one day with Walk Through the Bible and my church changed! Everyone was inspired to dig deeper with their Bible reading and was encouraged in their relationship with the Lord.
Rt Revd Dr Karowei Dorgu - Bishop of Woolwich, Diocese of Southwark
This is precisely, especially for my new students, what they need to know - What's the big storyline of the Bible!
Dr Steve Brady - Principal of Moorlands College
It gives a living expression of the content of the scriptures so people can understand and fill in the stories...
Ballerinas Geschlossene amp; VW 50847 Damen Melissa EU Vivienne 36 Rot Red Westwood Doll 35 xqZCawBAIt's not just the geography, it enables them to catch something of what the Bible can mean and how it applies to them.
Mark Thomas - Managing Director Capernwray Bible School
Why hasn't anybody told me all this before!
36 Dick Snow Schwarz Kurze Boots Niedrigem Absatz amp;X Unten Ankle QIN CXQ Stiefel Schuhe Frauen Boots Ruth Basden - Walk Through the Bible Presenter
Ankle Frauen Snow Boots Schwarz Schuhe CXQ Niedrigem Absatz Stiefel Boots Kurze amp;X Dick QIN 36 Unten
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