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Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day at one of the park’s 12 thrillers

Dahlonega Mine Train
Damen Rutschfest EU Warm Gef��tterte Gelb Outdoor Winterschuhe Boots Herren Schneestiefel 45 Winterstiefel Opened in 1967
Outdoor 45 Winterschuhe Herren EU Warm Rutschfest Boots Gelb Schneestiefel Gef��tterte Winterstiefel Damen Height 37 feet
Max speed 35 mph
Fact The kid-friendly train is one of the park’s three remaining original rides.

Great American Scream Machine
Opened in 1973
Height 105 feet
Max speed 57 mph
Fact When it opened, the Scream Machine was both the tallest and fastest coaster in the world.

Mind Bender
Opened in 1978
Height 80 feet
Max speed 50 mph
Fact The twisty ride was the world’s first triple-looping coaster.

Georgia Cyclone
Opened in 1990
Height 95 feet
Max speed 50 mph
Fact This wooden behemoth was based on the famous Coney Island Cyclone.

Opened in 1992
Height 122 feet
Max speed 52 mph

BATMAN: The Ride
Opened in 1997
Height 100 feet
Max speed 50 mph

Georgia Scorcher
Opened in 1999
Height 110 feet
Max speed 57 mph

SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight
Opened in 2002
Height 115 feet
Max speed 60 mph
Fact The South’s original “flying” coaster, Superman suspends riders parallel to the track.

Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster
Opened in 2004
Height Unknown
EU 45 Warm Boots Schneestiefel Gef��tterte Rutschfest Herren Damen Winterschuhe Outdoor Winterstiefel Gelb
Max speed 30 mph

Opened in 2006
Height 200 feet
Max speed 70 mph
Fact Goliath was one of the Southeast’s first “hyper-coasters,” or rides that top 200 feet.

Dare Devil Dive
Opened in 2011
Height 95 feet
Max speed 54 mph

Opened in 2015
Height 72 feet
Winterstiefel Gelb EU Damen Warm Schneestiefel Herren Boots Winterschuhe Outdoor Rutschfest Gef��tterte 45
Max speed Variable

On the calendar: Get ready to scream at Six Flags Over Georgia on National Roller Coaster Day, August 16.

Winterschuhe Rutschfest Winterstiefel Boots 45 Warm Gef��tterte Damen Gelb EU Herren Schneestiefel Outdoor Photographs courtesy of Six Flags Over Georgia.

This article originally appeared in our August 2015 issue.